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pass the thanks please!

Cross/Rogers Pass the Thanks Please is a 45 min animated story that takes place in the land of Anytown, where a child's poem brings thankfulness to a thankless town. 


Thank Harvest Day is a time of togetherness, hope and giving. But curtain events have made the people of Anytown filled with grief, anger and nothing to be thankful for.  Mayor Goodly tries to hold the town together by declaring a town pot luck in hopes to bring joy into the people’s thankless hearts but it’s not enough.



Things get even worst as chaos explodes at the potluck and any hopes of saving the town looked like the end. It’s not until a poem is read by a boy name Small that will change the hearts of everyone and bring the true meaning of Thank Harvest Day back Anytown by passing the thanks.



Cross/Rogers Return of the Witch is a 45 min Halloween love story that reunites two lost souls in a chaotic spellbinding adventure.


Halloween in Anytown is celebrated by people being magically turned into anything they want to be, for just one night, by Witch Winifred. All will change as a mysterious stranger pays a visit and turns things upside down. 



Not only does Winifred's legacy go away, but the townspeople's souls disappear in the process as our new villain's agenda is to possess Winifred's magic powers. It's up to Winifred and her loyal friends to reverse this as they find out the true identity of the culprit.



Cross/Rogers Valentasia is a 45 min story that explores the true meaning of the four letter word LOVE.  


Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world by millions of people. In Anytown, St. Valentine herself delivers the holiday in style with six stories told through music and images at the Anytown Musical Theater Hall.



These stories deal with all aspects of love, including: possession, first crushes, love of talent and letting go of love to have it return.  At the finale of the show, not only will the people of Anytown have a true understanding of the four letter word, but St. V herself will receive a gift of appreciation, changing the true meaning of the holiday forever.




Cross/Rogers The Pursuit of Happiness A New Year’s Story is a 45 min Holiday special that deals with the aspect of time and destiny as Father Time tries to change his fate as well as the people of Anytown.


At the end of each year, the folks of Anytown celebrate by running the New Year’s Eve marathon bringing in the New Year in hopes of a fresh start to their lives. Meanwhile in another dimension in time, another race is being ran by Father Time that also happens every year.


Mr. Death is hot on his trail but Father Time's luck is about to change. By jumping the track in a leap year and heading into our world, he feels he has a chance to live life by his terms and help a few towns folk along the way. This results in a catastrophic jolt in the universe creating chaos with time lapses and an angry Mr. Death on a search for Father Time that may end the balance of the natural way of things forever. 

show bible  UPON REQUEST.


Cross/Rogers The Gift of Winter is a remake of the holiday classic that tells the story of the birth of snow to the world and how the folks of Anytown made it possible.   


Long ago there was no snow in winter. The air of the Christmas season was just cold, lifeless and desolate with people not in the mood for this wonderful time of the year. The people of Anytown have had enough and with the leadership of Mayor Goodly, the adults go on a protest march to confront the mysterious Winter himself leaving the children behind. Little Tender will not sit down for this as she sets off with her brother Small on their own path to protest to Winter by making Christmas better and saving the life of the planet. Along the way they meet up with the Mayor and the remaining few town’s folk facing many obstacles until finally reach giant Winter himself.



Winter’s isolated state has made him a bitter cave dweller, preventing any interaction with the towns folk. It’s not until the words of young Tender soften his heart and he cries his first ever tear that transforms into magical tiny crystals falling from the sky forming into snow. Christmas and the Anytown will never be the same as winter becomes a season of hope and the promise of the return of life in spring.

show bible  UPON REQUEST.
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